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Specialty Off-Road Workshops

These group classes focus on important aspects of off-road vehicle operation beyond driving. If you drive off road you will encounter terrain that will test your vehicle’s capabilities. You will need more than just driving skill in some situations.

Difficult terrain will require good recovery skills. Proper training can make this potentially dangerous activity much safer. There is a lot of “stuff” on the market that claims to help with recovery. We will teach you how and why things work so you understand the gear and how to use it safely. After years in the field putting vehicles through hard training scenarios, we have seen some things go wrong. Things happen out there; mechanical problems happen. There are some common issues. Do you know what they are? Do you know any simple field fixes that can get you home? We do and we can teach you. Travel unsupported, off the beaten path. Carry what you need, not what you don’t. Find your way all the way out there and back again, safely. Let us help you figure it all out.

Upcoming Classes