Drive up schedule adherence and ROI

Commercial & Industrial Driving Training

Industrial companies, NGOs, aid organizations and many other groups Who find themselves operating in extreme conditions have turned to Overland Experts. Simply put - When the going gets tough we ensure your team’s success as well as its safety. The payoff is reduced accidents, injuries, vehicle and equipment damage, all leading to reduced insurance claims.

Our curriculum is based on years of experience operating in remote corners of the world. Our proven COI is presented in a linear and methodical manner in order to allow any student to progress at the fastest rate. Knowing the capabilities and limits of your vehicle, the stuff that isn't in the instruction manual, means your employees and team will have confidence their driving so they can concentrate on their jobs. Some of our current clients include Northeast Utilities, The American Red Cross, and National Geographic, as well as the most demanding of military special operations forces. Whatever you do and wherever you do it the curriculum will be tailored to suit the vehicle types and situations you will encounter.

Commercial Fleet Consultants

Fleet acquisition, modification, and maintenance management is best done by people who fully understand the vehicles. Our over-twenty years of experience in the field operating a myriad of vehicle platforms gives us the experience needed to develop a cost-effective fleet. For initial consultation and more information regarding cost, requirements, and scheduling opportunities please call us at: 860-873-9640