Classes that fit your needs

For over twenty-years, Overland Experts has taught drivers worldwide how to confidently and effectively drive, recover, and repair their vehicles in off-road environments.

One-Day Classes

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Our One-Day classes are structured for those new to driving off-road. (Or even those just looking for a quick refresher!)  While adhering to the principles of Tread Lightly, you will learn the OEX Five Systems Method of operating a four-wheel-drive vehicle and the OEX Five Steps to Negotiating an Obstacle.

Two-Day Classes

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Usually offered as a fun weekend of camping and training, take your training to the next level by building on the fundamentals learned in our One-Day Course. While adhering to the principles of Tread Lightly, our Two-Day classes include additional training on vehicle recovery, winch safety, recovery tools, etc.

Recovery Workshops

You’ll spend time in a group setting learning about and getting hands-on with recovery gear and technique. From traction “aids” to straps and ropes, pulleys, winches, etc., you’ll better understand and use recovery gear in the most effective and safe manner possible to get your vehicle back on the road and back home.
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Field Repair Workshops

Our Field Repair workshops include elements from all our single- and multi-day programs custom-tailored to fit your needs providing maximum seat-time. For more information regarding cost, requirements, and scheduling opportunities please email or call us at: 860-873-9640
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