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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about how we do business.
What do I need to provide?
Transportation – All students are responsible for getting to the course.

Lodging – Although we don’t provide any lodging we do have lodging recommendations for each of our courses that we’re happy to provide.

Clothing – We recommend you “dress for the weather”. The very nature of off road driving finds the driver in a variety of conditions; mud, dirt, dust, and water are certainly not uncommon.

Food – We provide lunch during your class; breakfast and dinner is up to you. We have some great recommendations for local restaurants!

An Open Mind – Perhaps the most important thing you can bring is an open mind! We are a school first so we ask every participant to be open to learning. You will have fun but safety always comes first so any student unwilling to receive instruction poses a safety risk to themselves, vehicles, and staff and will be asked to leave.
What vehicles are available for rental?
While we strongly encourage all of our students to learn in the vehicle they will be driving when they leave us, you can rent one of our trucks should you need to. Truck availability depends largely upon location. We have a variety of automatic full and part time US-spec 4WD Toyota Trucks and SUVs in our rental fleet.
What happens if the weather gets bad?
We conduct class regardless of rain, wind, sleet or snow; however, we will not risk your safety or our instructors’ safety should the weather turn dangerously bad. Should your instructor be forced to curtail class early due to weather, your class will be rescheduled at the earliest date available, or a full refund made.
Do I need a license and are there any age requirements?
All of our students are required to hold a valid driver’s license and we require any student be at least 15 years old and hold a learner’s permit at at the time of registration. Any student under the age of 18 is required to have a parent or guardian’s signature on the waiver before he or she can begin class.
Can I bring a friend or a family member?
For the safety of our students and instructors we can only allow registered/paid driver-participants in any vehicle while on course. If you would like to brin a fiend or family member, they will need to pay for a seat.
What is provided by OEX?
Upon registering for a course, you’ll receive an email detailing when and where to meet as well as clothing and footwear recommendations. Upon arrival for class you’ll receive all course materials, t-shirt and decal. A catered lunch will be provided on-site as well as plenty of water.
What if my truck/SUV is bone-stock?
Our 1 day fundamentals class is designed for everybody from the new off road driver in a showroom-stock vehicle to the off road veteran in a purpose-built machine. Most students who register for our 2 and 3-day classes have some vehicle modifications such as larger-than-stock off road tires, heavy duty suspension, armor, and recovery equipment such as a winch. Our private classes are tailored to fit each student taking into account experience and vehicle modification(s) if any.
What time does class start each day?
Classes typically start at 8:30 am at all of our courses.
Can I bring my pet?
This depends upon the class type and location and is at the sole discretion of the instructor. Please call to inquire.
Should I expect any classroom time?
All of our classes begin with at least an hour or two in our classroom on the first day learning the all-important fundamentals of part and full time 4WD vehicles. The rest of the day/class consists of learning on-course and in the vehicle.
Why do we suggest training on a variety of vehicle types?
OEX has worked diligently to gather the most effective 4×4 fleet possible. The vehicles are all outfitted with similar parts and accessories, but it is the linear progression of engines and transmissions that allows the operator to be effectively trained in all skill sets. It is through this balance and versatility that all clients attending OEX will maximize and perfect each driving technique they are taught.
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