North Carolina Recovery Workshop

September 14, 2024

North Carolina Recovery Workshop

September 14, 2024
Open Slots
Each participant or passenger over 16 must pay for this class
$ 300.00 USD

Whether you drive a purpose-built rig or one of the many all-wheel-drive vehicles on the road today, one of our Recovery Workshop is the best way to learn about safe and effective vehicle recovery. You’ll spend a few hours in a group setting learning about and getting hands-on with recovery gear and technique. From traction “aids” to straps and ropes, pulleys, winches, and everything in between, you’ll better understand and use recovery gear in the most effective and safe manner possible to get your vehicle back on the road and back home.

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • Recovery gear identification and use
  • Static vs. kinetic recovery, its meaning, use, benefits, and pitfalls
  • Winch use and safety, including hand signals, winch, and line care/maintenance, steel vs. synthetic line, rigging (compound and a single line), and pulley use in both re-direct and mechanical advantage scenarios
  • Traction aids (sand and bridging ladders/mats)
  • The Hi-Lift Jack as a recovery tool; Its safe and proper use as a jack and come-along
  • Gear choice and specification

Each person in the vehicle over the age of 16 must be registered as a participant.

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