North Carolina Driving Workshop

June 22, 2024

North Carolina Driving Workshop

June 22, 2024
Open Slots
Each participant or passenger over 16 must pay for this class
$ 300.00 USD

Off-Road Driving Workshop

Whether you're ready for a bit more challenge after having take one of our fundamentals classes or you already have some time under your belt as an "advanced" off-road driver, our driving workshop is the next step.

The rocks are bigger, ditches deeper, and hills steeper in our driving workshops. You'll spend the day on our advanced course sharpening technique while you and your vehicle get up close and personal with harder obstacles. Our instructors will of course be truck-side coaching you on more advanced line selection and obstacle negotiation.

This course is dedicated to off-road driving, we will expect all students in this workshop to already have the requisite knowledge and equipment necessary to recover their own vehicle safely and effectively. Our instructors will of course be on hand to maintain safety and answer any questions, but this is not the class for recovery training. It is highly recommended that vehicles participating in this workshop have skid plates, rock sliders, a minimum of 33" tires and a winch.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this class prior to registration.

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