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Bruce Elfström. Overland Exparts founder and CEO

Message from Bruce Elfström CEO

Over the last 20 years I have developed a curriculum based on 35 plus years driving 4x4 vehicles in odd places with talented drivers. It is this curriculum, linear and methodical, the purpose designed and natural terrains of our schools, and our unmatched vehicle fleet which puts OEX above all others….. Our overarching theme is to teach the Science of Off Road and 4x4 driving so that the natural Art and Finesse of the new skill set comes into play when the going gets rough and instant is needed.

OEX shows people they can drive simple to impossible “roads” without ruining their vehicles, themselves, others, or the environment. The safe, effective and logical operation of an off-road or utility vehicle is not a simple skill, but one well worth obtaining. Places and people in the world that have taught me there is a way to drive and still push the envelope of your skills and vehicle, without ego or aggression. Operating off-road is a pragmatic skill set; for fun, or work… Take pride in your driving.

You will see no power point presentations here, nor some static shop covering field repairs. OEX is nothing but field orientated pragmatic, realistic and modest in its approach. We know that a combination of hands on training and repetition, lecture and attention to differing learning styles is the key to a long lasting and reliable skill set.

OEXs staff are first and foremost teachers, not just people that know how to drive, but much more. If a trainer cannot present a concept in ten different ways to ten different people, then they do not make it as a trainer at OEX. Combine this with the staff’s real world experience, from Moab to Afghanistan, and South Africa to Iceland; and it is clear we have cause to take pride in what we do.

For my entire life, over 40 years, I have travelled off road and 4x4 in less than ideal conditions and in less than ideal places. I still find it the only way to travel Overland. OEX’s 4x4 trips are the ultimate way to travel...go where others cannot or dare not, but still have time to see cultures and relax. While driving is clearly the most important skill to leave home with... think about it, navigation does not help a sailor much if he or she cannot sail...., it is not the only skill to leave home with.

It’s funny, when I started Overland Experts the word Overland was unknown, especially here in America. I am psyched to have had a part in getting people to see 4x4 use, off road driving and Overland travel is an acceptable means to adventure and experience the outdoors... That said, we all need to take responsibility for ourselves... drive like a fool and you will be treated like one.