Give something back while experiencing one of the last great landscapes on earth.


Join OEXs founder Bruce Elfström on a trip of a lifetime. Live the adventure, solitude, and culture of Mongolia while joining a conservation project, which helps Mongolian herders save their own life style and environment.

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Trip essentials

Guide/Instructor: Bruce Elfström

Dates: TBC

Length: Normally 13 days

Group size: Limited to 12 people.

Price: $TBC – all profits donated to non-profit

Skill level: Moderate

Open to: Family level – ages 8 and up

Prerequisites: Minimum one-day driver training from OEX or another accepted training establishment which utilizes Turbo Diesel vehicles with manual two speed transmissions.

Lodging: Well appointed carbon zero lodge in the Gobi central, dome tent camping and Ger “camping”.

Vehicles: Hilux d4d and Land Cruiser 76

Reserve a spot

Planning for the next trip is underway. To request this trip or to reserve a spot subject to date availability (limited to 12 people) please contact Bruce

Call: (860) 873-9640


Mongolia is one of the worlds truly untouched regions, but it is changing very fast. Join us on a working trip and see Mongolia’s culture and landscape before it vanishes.

Our Mongolia Trips go into western Mongolia and the Altai mountains looking for these large rare sheep guardian dogs, Bankhar; from Taiga, to Steppes, to the Gobi Desert – these are epic trips with a purpose.

With over 12 years working in Mongolia, OEXs knowledge and logistical experience is the cornerstone of these fantastic adventures. Our self drive trips to Mongolia focus on a project Bruce Elfström (OEXs founder and owner) has been passionate about for many years. Bruce started a non-profit project, The Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project, which aims to help save a way of life for the Mongolian Nomads and at the same time protect the environment.

To understand more about this conservation project please watch Bruce’s Ted Talk about the project itself.

Mongolia trips will be in line with all of OEXs other types of trips in that it will center around adventure, ecological and cultural aspects of the destination. Bruce will lead this trip personally and the group will join the working project and its operational head (Doug Lally) who has been in Mongolia on and off for several years now. The goal of these trips are to actually work on a project as you become immersed in the landscape, culture and adventure of one of the last great untouched areas of the world.

Please see these links to read notes from the field for the project, or to like MBDP on Facebook.

Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project (MBDP) was founded in 2011 by OEX CEO Bruce Elfström. MBDP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that researches, breeds, and trains Mongolian Bankhar livestock protection dogs and places these working dogs in homes of nomadic herding families on the Mongolian steppe, where the Bankhar perform their traditional role of protecting livestock herds (sheep, goat, horse, camel, yak) against large carnivorous predators including snow leopards, wolves, brown bears, foxes and eagles. Herders can lose up to 85% of their flock per season to predators. With the support of properly trained Bankhar dogs, that predation number comes down to almost zero.

MBDP runs a full breeding, training and placement program outside Ulaanbataar, Mongolia. The first litter of Bankhar pups was born in the last week of December, 2014, and placement began in April 2015. Participants of this trip will see the project location, breeding area, and meet the instrumental people involved. Go to our website to see a video of the latest puppies born.

If this project or Working Expedition interest you please contact Bruce for more information.

Check out our Example Itinerary:

This is an example itinerary based on our May 2016 trip.

Lodging is in Gers (please take care, these are called Yurts OUTSIDE of Mongolia, but Ger, sounds like pair, is the correct name) camps for about 25% of the time and the use of a well appointed carbon zero lodge in the Gobi central.


Weather will range from possible cold nights (20° F or lower) to fairly hot days (85°F).

Conditions of the trails will range from fairly smooth dry pack dirt roads, to fairly challenging mud and rocky mountain ranges. As we move into the Steeps area the roads tend to get a bit wet. But much depends on the weather patterns leading up to the departure. Mongolia is true Overlanding; vast distances, no paved roads and a very low human population density. Combine this with the Nomadic and Buddhist cultures, wildlife and landscapes and Mongolia is the ultimate destination.