4x4 Newfoundland – Labrador trip


Join us as we drive the Trans Labrador Highway to the eastern shores of Labrador, the western coastline of Newfoundland and the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

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You will be tracing the routes of Vikings from over 1,000 years ago and their first settlements in North America, while encountering a wide array of wildlife—moose, puffins, seals and whales—this 4,000 mile journey will most certainly be an adventure not to be forgotten.

Day 1—3: Quebec City to Labrador city

We all meet in Quebec City and head north and drive along the east rim of Manicouagon Crater, the second largest impact crater in the world en route to Labrador City. We quickly get off the pavement and on to the Trans-Labrador Highway. We’ll stop off at Manic-5; a large hydro-electric facility on our way to our first overnight stop in Baie Comeau. Rise early and make for Labrador City where the first signs of the sub-tundra. In Labrador City we will meet up with some locals for some challenging off-road trails.

Day 4—6: Labrador city, Churchill Falls & Goose Bay

Back on the Trans-Labrador Highway and into Churchill Falls for some fishing for trout and pike around Orma Lake for those that are interested. We’ll be camping here as well, so hopefully dinner will be fresh fish. Some good off-roading to our fishing spots. The following day we head back east to Goose Bay and stop in town at our camp at Gosling Lake Park. Here we will meet up with a local expert on Inuit and visit a local gallery with artifacts and artwork. Caribou stew and slide show on the local culture at Herb Brown’s Birches Gallery.

Day 7—9: Mary’s Harbour, ferry to Newfoundland and first Viking settlement in north America.

Continue on the Trans-Labrador Highway and move quickly down towards the Labrador coast on our way to Mary’s Harhour—whales (Beluga, Orca, Minkie and Finback) are common on the ferry to Mary’s Harbour – one of the more unique stay-overs along the Labrador coast. At Blanc Sablon we load onto the M/V Apollo for an 1.5 hour trip across iceberg alley. Once in Newfoundland we head north to L’Ase aux Meadows, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and visit the first Viking settlement in North America. This evening we will dine on fresh caribou and stay in our own secluded homes with ocean views on a private beach—bonfire and drinks at night! Up early where we drive south to Gros Morne National Park—a very scenic drive along the coast!

Day 10—13: Gros Morne National Park, Cabot Trail and New Brunswick.

We’ll be heading south along the expansive western shore of Newfoundland to Gros Morne National Park, stopping along the way at the massive cliffs of Western Brook Pond. Here we will take a 2.5 hour boat ride through the once 15 km fjord. Camping at the park this evening. Following day is a “free” day where everyone will have time to explore on their own and on to Rocky Harbour for the night in a cabin along the shores the Atlantic Ocean. Back on the road to Channel-Port-aux-Basque to catch the ferry to Nova Scotia.

Once in Nova Scotia we will quickly head north to Meat Cove – a spectacular secluded campground with views that are amazing – fresh seafood served on-site. Up early to complete our drive around Cape Breton and south towards the north shore to catch another ferry to New Brunswick where our adventure concludes. ~ Overland Experts

This is a self-drive off-road trip where each traveler or group of travelers will be driving their own personal 4-wheel drive vehicle. Each vehicle will be required to be outfitted with a minimum amount of recovery gear.

Costs are $2,950 per vehicle and driver—double occupancy - and includes all hotels, camping and park fees, all breakfasts and dinners, guides, ferries and activities. Each additional occupant will be $925. Does not include fuel, alcohol or optional activities and meals.

What to bring:

Each person or group of people should bring the following items.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad/mattress
  • Pillow
  • Blankets
  • Tent
  • Plates, utensils
  • Snacks
  • Bug spray
  • Flashlight
  • Lamp
  • Batteries
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Boots


Make sure to bring any prescription medications that you may need.


Be prepared for a little bit of everything. From rain, warm temperatures and cold nights. Labrador and Newfoundland are anything but predictable. With that in mind bring clothing that would be appropriate for any kind of weather. The average temperature is right around 60 degrees Fahrenheit with the potential of it getting into the 40s at night.

Personal Items

Please leave valuable jewelry and other items at home. This includes firearms unless you have appropriate arrangements made with the Canadian government.

Contact Information

Please contact Garrett Porterfield at Overland Experts, LLC for more information or questions at:ERIK@OVERLANDEXPERTS.COM.

Please make certain that family members or friends are aware of your schedule and have appropriate contact names and numbers.

We will have access to satellite phones while traveling through Labrador, while the rest of the trip will have relatively decent cell phone coverage. Most hotels/inns will have wireless internet service as well.

We will have communication with each other via UHF radios that I will be bringing. These have very good range and excellent sound quality.

Additional Information

You will need an U.S. Passport to gain entry into Canada. Please make sure you current passport is valid. No pets please.

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