4x4 Iceland adventure trip, details

Trip essentials

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Guide/Instructor: TBA



Group size:TBA


Skill level: Hard to Very Hard

Vehicles: Toyota Hilux

Call: (860) 873-9640

Email: Erik@overlandexperts.com



Message from Bruce Elfstrom.

We have run over 26 trips since starting these Overlands in 1998. Over the years Iceland's economy has work its best against me being able to offer affordable expedition style trips. While I have done my best to lower cost it has not been "cheap" due only to the local economy and exchange rates. So I have been frustrated to say the least. So this year I have changed the itinerary fairly extensively.

First: In the past we used a few high-end Hotels and made trips into and then back out of the Highlands. This year we will use a hotel only once at the end of the trip in Reykjavík. The route we will take is mountain hut to mountain hut. These are private or state run small lodges situated in the most majestic locations. Former members of our Iceland trip remember the huts as the best places and nights of the trip. So that is one change I am implementing. This also saves us $ to lower costs.

In addition the itinerary will cover ground we have never run a trip through and much "deeper" into the highlands - few people, more landscapes, etc. Going deeper into the highlands as well as not coming "out" to hotels means we will need to bring all supplies with us - fuel, food, etc. This is a much more interesting and realistic form of Overlanding and more akin to our other trips like Mongolia, etc. Your involvement as a driver or passenger with the mechanics of an Overland will be heightened --such as fueling up, estimating consumption, conserving fuel , etc.

Second: In the past we have priced out the trip based on double occupancy and three people per vehicle. With the changes to accommodations we do not have to worry about double occupancy since the mountain hut house a lot of people and we generally have the use of the whole hut to ourselves---so you can get away from people if you like. This reduces cost for the trip.

Third: We will price this trip based on four people per vehicle. Often in the past people want to reduce cost and have four per vehicle which we did not do. The major cost of the trip is the "rental" of the vehicles. Splitting that four ways reduces costs. As in the past, however, you are welcome to pay the difference so to speak and have a vehicle with 1-3 individuals if you like.

What to expect on a typical day:

Normally we wake at 8-9am in the Mountain Huts. Shower if needed and weather allows the hut to still have water on (some northern ones might have the water off) or to a stream or hot spring.

Clean up hut and pack gear. Load trucks and drive for 1-3 hours to some point where we get out for short walk or sometimes a 45 min hike. Lunch out of trucks or at some hut on way. Lunch is Scandinavian foods (cheeses, smoked fish, deli meats, etc…coffee and hot chocolate. - food is often raved about on our trips). Drive for a few hours stopping as we like to look closer. pictures, walk, etc. Finish drive to get to next hut before dark. Unload food and gear. Guides start dinner and people help or have a drink. Huts have candles as well as solar power lights and occasionally generators or geothermal power. Heat is by diesel stoves, wood stoves, or geothermal heat.

Long day, assuming no issues have occurred to change plan, is about 9am to 5-6pm with plenty of time to stop and smell the flowers.

Cost: $TBC

Group Size: Min 6 individuals

Finally here is our basic itinerary for our Iceland OEX Overland:

Now this is based on data now and that means little in Iceland. In other words the route could change drastically between now and October. This holds true on a daily basis, weather conditions, rivers, etc can make or force us to change our plans on a daily basis. That said the goal is to do a "loop" of the interior. This loop will be around 12 glaciers concentrated in the south central and eastern region.


  • Sunday morning take bus into Reykjavík and pick up vehicles.
  • Drive out of the city heading north toward Reykholt
  • pass by whaling station to see and tour. (like it or not this is part of life here - no money or support for whaling will come from our visit and you are welcome to not like it - but the education is not to be missed).
  • Head east and north to drive over the north end of Langjokull Glacier
  • Hut for the night. Dinner cooked by Bruce and Gummie - pitch in if you like. Grilled local salmon and Arctic Char. (As with all our meals a vegetarian option is no problem).


  • Reasonable wake hour. Hot spring bath and breakfast
  • Pack up and head out to finish crossing north end of glacier.
  • Head south for some time to a beautiful valley for a hike and lunch.
  • After lunch head east towards Kerlingarfjoll and then north east to hut near larger glacier Hofsjokull.
  • Early in and time for hike, reading, chatting, etc.
  • Dinner at hut, outside if conditions allow. Dinner Fish chowder with local fresh bread.


  • Early raise
  • Breakfast after we leave in open landscape.
  • Make way south west and then east toward the river Thjorsa.
  • Lunch and hike near river and extinct volcanoes
  • short afternoon drive to mountain hut
  • time for hike or relax.
  • Dinner Reindeer Stroganoff with Loganberry


  • long epic drive to the big glacier.
  • Early start and breakfast at Hut
  • Work our way north/northeast towards the largest glacier in Europe. Vatnajokull
  • make our way into an area between the big glacier and a very small one called Tungjafellsjokull. This area is spectacular
  • reverse direction as there is only one way in and one way out and head south and attempt to reach the same hut as Tues night.


  • reasonable wake and breakfast. Wheels up by 10am
  • head south towards Lake Thorisvatn
  • Lunch lake side - amazing!
  • Short drive to a great hiking spot.
  • Make way to a spectacular (my favorite) valley Landmannalaugar
  • Dinner grilled Leg of lamb specialty of the guides. Hut has fantastic Natural hot springs for after dinner "hot pot" and northern lights.


  • Wheels up 9am, making way to Thorsmok Valley
  • Head East then South and West to a pass between Glacier Mydrolsjokull and Torfajokull. This valley is stunning an unique.
  • Drop into Thorsmik by crossing river Markarllot as well as many many other rivers. If conditions allow.
  • Conditions good we turn north to a hike n a valley at the foot of glacier and volcano Eyafjallajokull (big one that closed flights to and from EU for so long)
  • Night at Hut at top of Thorsmok Valley.


  • Late morning.
  • Head short distance to a nice hike (should you want to).
  • South out of Thorsmok Valley
  • Cross to south coast for a time on the beaches.
  • Here we pick up tarmac roads. Air up tires and head west for Lunch at my favorite Lobster Soup restaurant.
  • After lunch west over a pass and a visit to a geothermal power plant.
  • Into Reykjavik, drop off Land Rover by 4pm.
  • Dinner out at restaurant (together or apart - cost not included)
  • Night at Hotel.


  • Wake as you like.
  • Free time until flight out or one more night (not included) or other activity
  • Options - Whale watching, Museums, Blue Lagoon.