4x4 Travel

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We know what you are like. You don’t spend your leisure time laying on a beach. You love nature and love challenges. OEX expeditions to the world’s wildest places test the skills of the driver and the limits of the vehicle in extreme conditions. These unique journeys are thrilling, empowering and memorable. OEX focuses on careful planning, reliability and safety so that you can focus on fun.

But above all it’s our love and enthusiasm for these adventures we hope to impart to you on our trips. You may not have a choice, we are like excited kids on a birthday morning… You can’t help but be excited and involved.

Where do we go? We choose places not frequented by the average person. Places that can only be seen effectively with a well driven 4x4 vehicle — the modern camel, the modern horse. We choose places which blend the natural environment and the cultural interaction. Mongolia, Iceland, Peru, Arctic Canada, Patagonia, Pantanal Brazil… These and many more have those unique qualities. You can also choose your dream location and we will make it happen.