Standard vs. Non-Standard Vehicles

Toyota HiLux, Land Cruisers, Land Rovers, Asia Ford Ranger, Nissan Patrol, Prado, Pajero…..these are all considered non-standard 4x4 and Off Road tactical vehicles. Standard vehicles are limited to specifically designed military 4x4 and off road vehicles such as MRAP, HUMVEE, RG-33, USMC IFAV, etc.

For comparison and convoy situations, our curriculum can include the use of HUMVEE, USMC IFAV, HEMTT, and other standard off road military vehicles. However, it is non-standard vehicle operation, field repair and maintenance that we concentrate on specifically.

These vehicles are fast becoming first choice operations vehicles for many reasons. It is mainly their nimbleness, often superior off road capability, and the fact they are used by locals and therefore stand out less.

The use of a non-standard vehicle in country allows for some level of camouflage. Parts and repair skills are often available locally. An operator’s field maintenance and repair skill set is imperative in order to operate reliably in marginal and isolated areas. Our fleet and curriculum are design to get the most out of these vehicles and be prepared to “work” on these vehicles when isolated in the field. Self-sufficiency is key to success.