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The non-standard 4x4 has been and continues to be a critical military asset. Theses vehicles differ significantly from standard military 4x4 vehicles. The makes and models of our vehicles are the 4x4 vehicles which are most commonly adapted for modern tactical applications.

We offer a variety of vehicles with a variety of designs. Driving a solid front axel Hilux 4 cylinder Tdi requires attention to different techniques than driving an IFS Land Cruiser 200 V8 gasoline automatic. A wide range of engine, transmission, weight, height, wheelbase, track width, …. combinations will always be available so driving and field repair and recovery are mastered in the actual vehicle type that will be used in the field.

Our vehicles are outfitted with similar parts and accessories; the stuff that works. By using all our vehicles, through a linear progression of engines and transmissions, the operator can effectively trained. It is through this balance and versatility that your team will become the world's best trained and most effective drivers.

In addition to our non-standard fleet we have full use of standard 4x4 military vehicles such as HUMVEE, IFAV, MRAP, Hemits, etc. If you have a fleet ready to be sent into action they can be transported to our grounds for custom training. We can also train at an alternative, custom location.

Vehicle Equipment the OEX way

Having the correct vehicles is only half the battle. Decades of experience in the field has led to OEX perfecting the art of vehicle outfitting. Once you train with the proper equipment, it is imperative that you have access to it in the field. OEX can either provide equipment directly or provide consulting depending on the situation. From U.S. special forces to local utility companies, OEX consistently provides the necessary gear for any application. Because of our continued success in the industry, our sponsors can get us this equipment at a drastically reduced cost, which we in turn can then pass on to you. The bottom line is that we know what works. Where you get your gear isn’t important to us, but that you have the right stuff always will be.