3 Day, 4x4 Mobility Course

This 3 day class is designed to prepare your team with the ability to operate multiple vehicle platforms in the most challenging terrain possible. Operators will learn how to effectively negotiate, recover, and fix vehicle platforms and ensure mission success.

  • Operators must be ready to drive a multitude of vehicle platforms
  • Unfamiliarity with different vehicle platforms is a liability
  • Familiarization with a continuum of platforms is mandatory
  • Dynamic training leads to thinking drivers not functioning robots

Variability leads to adaptability. Adaptability leads to mastery.

We instruct our clients and make best use of the time we have. While trial and error is a way to learn, it is not a teaching method on which to rely. Do you want your doctor to have learned by trial and error do you? We have developed the most effective method through experience as well as close contact with the teams we have trained. We allow mistakes and allow students to push the envelope to the maximum; we encourage this. But then we educate them based on their learning styles and personalities, why there is a more effective way. Trial and error is limited and tends to develop bad habits. It is not truly teaching. Our goal is to have a student understand How, Why and When to drive any obstacle encountered even if they have never seen it before. To do this you have to teach fundamentals that lead to higher skills in a linear step process.

Point A to B mobility is not a simple process. It cannot be taught in a one day survey class. OEX does not teach "bells and whistles" classes. Proper off road driving is composed of three main aspects; Driving, Recovery, and Repair. In order to do this you team needs a well established set of skill they can draw upon in an instant. If your team cannot predict a recovery and a repair when assessing how to drive an obstacle, then your team has not been trained. OEX provides a solid foundation for all types of drivers that begins with a solid plan and ends with mission success. Mobility relies on driver proficiency, safe recovery techniques, and vehicle repair aptitude.


  • Class length of 3 Days
  • Group sizes of 12 or fewer
  • Trainer to student ratio of 1:3 or TBA
  • Methodical, linear training with troubleshooting and repetition
  • Thousands of acres and miles of purpose built terrain and natural terrain
  • Training areas not open to the public
  • Vehicle fleet of over 25 non standard vehicles, each individually disparate
  • Vehicles vary in type:
    • HiLux, Land Cruiser, Land Rover, Jeep, Ford Thai Rangers, Mahindra, etc…
    • Turbo 4 cyl diesel to gas V8 automatics – continuum
    • Different manufacture years 1980s – 2011
    • Vehicles all used in conjunction: allows fast comparison of skill differences needed.
    • Right hand drive and left hand drive vehicles used in conjunction
  • Recovery taught in all its forms with various equipment (winching, kinetic roping, high lift jack, come along)
  • Field expedient damage assessment and repair develops driver technical proficiency
  • Extra attention and time paid to drivers unable to drive standard transmission


3 days: 0900 to 1700. NVG one night 2300 until completion


This class is available at any of our OEX branches. In addition the OEX Worldwide Mobile Training Team can come to your location (Note see: Onsite training – OEX World Wide Training Team for specifics) for this and all other trainings.

Class size:

This class is designed for 12 individuals or fewer. We find this to be the best number to ensure prolonged driver proficiency. Fewer than five trainees negates the purpose of group based learning and fails to achieve mastery of the skill set.

It is possible to run two sets of classes congruently. One team can train at the VA location while the other trains at the CT location. We can also bring in out Worldwide Mobile Training Team to your location.

Advanced Placement:

It is common that we have a team or part of a team that is more advanced. In this case we have a class designed just for this. The class can run at the same time as the regular 4x4 Mobility, but it is a separate class with separate goals, objectives, costs and billing. The advantage of the two classes running simultaneously is that budget limits for team members constrained by credit cards; classes are billed 100% separately. Please click here if you are interested.


This course is designed to allow military groups to train a team within the limits of credit card budget limitations.

Many groups of course contract with us as well. Please contact us for specific pricing for your specific team's needs.