OEX Worldwide Mobile Training Team

Overland Experts continues to set the standard in off road driving and driver training. As the demand for off road driving instruction increases throughout many communities, attending one of our branches is not always feasible. OEX continues to meet the needs of our dynamic clients and has launched a Worldwide Mobile Training Team (WMTT). The WMTT allows for OEX to bring the standard of excellence in off road driver training to the specific unit.

The Worldwide Mobile Training Team allows for flexibility in off road driver instruction. The WMTT solely reflects feedback from our clients and the need to conform to changing schedules and worldwide deployments. By traveling to our clients in relatively short notice, OEX can provide units with the driver proficiency needed to safely deploy.

OEX's WMTT allows for more personalized instruction as training occurs 'on site.' OEX's team will operate with the clients to assess and plan a cohesive training with the comfort of an 'on site' location. What does this mean? OEX trainers will coordinate with clients to develop a specific course of instruction that meets the needs of the unit given the terrain provided. Most WMTT locations involve military training sites either on base or post.

The client determines the length of instruction. The flexibility of the WMTT allows for customized training mitigating the logistical shortcomings of transporting an entire team. As the WMTT travels to the client, trainings can be lengthened or modified to suit the unit. However, OEX realizes that class sizes of 12-15 remain ideal to effectively train each and every operator.

OEX's standard of excellence along with the methodical, linear instruction fundamentals remains the core of the WMTT. The training provided by the WMTT reflects the same standard as either of our branches with the ability to travel to the client. As a result, OEX remains at the forefront of off road driver instruction and remains attentive to feedback of our clients.

Please contact OEX to customize your own on site training with our Worldwide Mobile Training Team.