Advanced Placement Courses

Over the last 15 years training Special Operation Forces and Tactical team we have found that it is very common to have teams with differing skill bases and past training. Because of this we run separate classes at the same time, either at one location or at two or more locations at the same time.

We know that scheduling training for teams is a nightmare and one week may be your only open week. The Advanced Placement classes solve this issue. They are different classes entirely and so are paid and billed that way. We offer advanced classes for 3, 5 and the extended trip classes. The goals and objectives are often custom to your needs, since advanced students may be skilled in differing areas. However, rest assured that these classes will more than challenge, engage and solidify skill sets in the most advanced mobility group.


3-10 days



Class size:

This class is designed for 12 individuals or fewer. We find this to be the best number to maximize long term memory retention. We do think fewer than 5 or 6 individuals it not as effective for teaching.

It is possible to run two sets of classes congruently. One team can train at the VA location while the other trains at the CT location. We can also bring in out Mobile Training Team to your location.


This course is designed to allow military groups to train teams of differing skill and training background. Do to the advanced nature of these course cost differ slightly from the "regular" offerings.

Many groups of course contract with us as well. Please contact us for specific pricing for your specific team's needs.