Mobility Training – Objective

In order to prepare operators for the most challenging situations in the world, proper vehicular proficiency must be met. Proper off road driving is composed of three crucial elements: Driving, Safe Recovery, and Field Repair. To achieve mission success, a well developed plan incorporating the three elements of driving is demanded from an operator.

Variability leads to adaptability. Adaptability leads to mastery.

Right Hand Drive, Left Hand Drive. Manual, Automatic. 4 Cyl Tdi, 6 Cyl Diesel, V8 Gas...

All platforms — a continuum for mastery.

Largest and most varied 4x4 training fleet in the world.

In the real world moving in marginal areas under marginal condition means not only driving unfamiliar or non-standard vehicle, but also getting stuck and repairing vehicles. Proper "off road driving" is composed of these three main aspects: Driving, Recovering, and Repairing all under the umbrella of a well thought out and executed plan.

The objective of this training is to create a team that will reliably operate 4x4 vehicles with Impunity, Reliability, and Safety. This skill set will be carried out habitually in all possible environmental conditions.

The training will create a versatile, independent, and proficient individual able to drive through any terrain encountered.

Proficient drivers must be able to drive any vehicle platform they encounter. An unfamiliar vehicle platform is a liability. Mastery of a variety of vehicle platforms is necessary. Through feedback from OEX graduates and military advisors, OEX has created a dynamic training curriculum that creates driver proficiency over a host of vehicles. As a result, our graduates are versatile "read and react" operators, exercising composure on all non standard platforms.

We know this first hand. We have been there. We know what will be encountered. We have the vehicles your team will actually encounter.

We don't produce single platform robots, but thinking, dynamic, and experienced operators. We produce out of the box thinkers.

OEX prides itself in concentrating on consistency of our message and training methodology. No matter which one of our branches you go to, the message will remain the same - linear progress, method, repetition, practice, variation of platform, and an awareness of peoples' differing learning styles. It is the consistency of our curriculum, our trainers, our courses, and our vehicles that allows for a rapid learning process that cements the learned skill set into a person's long-term memory. We are also intent on keeping up with the changes in current technology and we are constantly looking for ways to bring in novel techniques or equipment. Attention to these details keeps people coming back to us for more advanced training, or just to travel with us, or use our skills on related projects.

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