OEX Staff

Great trainers have practical experience, deep knowledge of their subject and the personality to make it appealing to students. We have great trainers. All OEX staff trainers have had at least a 2 year apprenticeship with Bruce before they can train. Our trainers are well versed in group dynamics and large group teaching.

OEX prides itself in having a staff of teachers that are also expert off road drivers and experts in their own fields. Our staff is not composed of “monotone power point seat time baby sitters.” They live breath and eat what we do and are proud of their performance. The OEX team is capable of presenting and practicing the OEX curriculum in a way that assures students absorption of the material.

OEX trainers have all had extensive experience as lead trainers of large groups. We have references from our past and present contracts with Navy Special Warfare, Army Rangers, US State Department, DOE, and many others available on request.

It’s the curriculum, the staff, the purpose designed and natural terrains of our locations, and our unmatched vehicle fleet which puts OEX off road and 4x4 driving schools above all others