Client feedback

Going to schools for additional training is one thing, but being able to apply it real world, and see it work is something else.”

— Mel Jeter, 91st CA

Your instructors’ knowledge and professionalism greatly enhanced our experience… we can not thank you and your staff enough for the invaluable knowledge we gained.”

— Will Anderson, 3/75th RGSTB

The current method of instruction and content for recovery operations at OEX is excellent. The students were presented with easy to learn instruction and then afforded numerous opportunities for practical exercise of increasing difficulty. Of the three contracted schools I have attended in the last year, OEX was by far the most professionally executed.”

— AAR from 91st Civil Affairs Battalion

Just a quick note to let you know that my group thoroughly enjoyed our week with your group. Your staff were consummate professionals and worked each day to ensure we met all required training objectives. The training was challenging, fun and informative.”

— Steve Adams, 97th CAB

Great Course! I learned 100% more than I knew especially about the mechanics of the vehicles.”

— Dave Schippers, Army OSEG

Overall, it was a great course. I was very happy to attend this training and learned a lot from my time there. All of the instructors were very professional and knowledgeable during the entire course. I believe that I will definitely retain all of the information that was taught because of the way it was presented to us and questions were continually asked during the course. I would definitely recommend that all of our guys should go to this course.”

— Brad Walker, 96th CAB

While on my last trip, I found myself on a self recovery mission in a not so good place. Had it not been for all the advice and training that I received from you and all the folks there at OEX, the outcome could have been much worse. I put together a vehicle recovery kit before hand, which rode in my vehicle always, and when the time came, I was physically and mentally prepared to handle the situation. While packing for this particular road trip, some colleagues who were travelling with me, asked if they could take all the junk (vehicle recovery kit) out of the back of my vehicle, so they could have more room for their stuff. After seeing the junk in action, and saving their bacon, they thanked me for making them deal with the junk in the vehicle. So I pass on the thanks to you.”

— AJ