Currently OEX has branches in Connecticut and Virginia. Our Connecticut (2000 acres) and Virginia (8600 acres) locations both have portions with purpose designed courses.

The course can be though of as a physical text book, i.e. one hill has 6 roads with differing terrain just like a book has chapters. Being able to loop back over and over, and work on specific techniques, allows for skill mastery. It is this ability to progress linearly and methodically in a controlled manner which provides such a steep learning curve.

While other 4x4 businesses use public lands, our lands are private and the environmental protection is central to the design of the course… Learn and make mistakes here; it can be isolated and controlled. In addition the course design allows for more leaning in less time — down time is minimized and distractions from the public are non-existent.

When you have the basics down as a student, we then make use of our other larger open locations which will challenge, or dare say, defeat the most well trained professional off road driver.