We have decades of experience in the field under all conditions. Combine this with a steady training schedule for over 15 years using all makes and sizes of 4x4 vehicles and what do you get? Simple, experience hard won in the field.

The vehicles, modifications and equipment your personnel will use are determined by what they truly need….no more no less. We will not allow a vehicle provider to convince you to buy items better for them than you. OEX is your unbiased and pragmatic go-between protecting your interests. We know what you need in a 4x4 vehicle. We know what needs to be on it and in it.

Combat 4x4 fleet management, acquisition, modification and maintenance management is a science unto itself. OEX’s experience will accelerate the development of a field combat or intelligence fleet. Our knowledge of the field and market gives us major advantages when dealing with vehicle manufactures, local regulators and fleet supply companies. We will save you time and money and leave you with the most long lasting, safe, properly equipped, and solid vehicle fleet available.

The OEX staff has been in, and functioned through, just about any combination of terrain, vehicle, and political situations imaginable. We can handle the issues you will have in the field with predictable and successful results.