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Industrial 4x4 training for individual or fleet applications requires attention to a large variety of 4x4 and other vehicle types. For 15 years, OEX has worked diligently to gather the most effective and successful 4x4 and off road fleet possible. The vehicles are outfitted with similar parts and accessories, but it is the linear progression of engines and transmissions allows the operator to be effectively trained in all skill sets. It is through this balance and versatility that all clients attending OEX will maximize and perfect the driving skill with which they are presented.

NGOs, Humanitarian Aid Organizations, Relief Agencies, Disaster Zone Teams, Conservation/Research Oriented:

Basically it comes down to what your fleet needs are for day to day operations or for particular projects An international NGO or Humanitarian Organization specializing in relief aid, may take advantage of our current and past model year HiLuxs, Land Cruisers, Land Rover Defenders, or Thai Ford Rangers, while an Academic Conservation Project might be starting from ground zero. We have the vehicles that are most frequently encountered around the world. We can also supply vehicles for your project from a wide, and therefore unbiased, selection of brands. We know what would be ideal and have no vested interest to point you in a particular direction based on anything but your real life pragmatic requirements.

General Industrial: Utility, Geo-exploration, Communications Companies

Industrial utility companies may have a fleet of full-size Ford pickups modified for their specific needs. In this case the training is best done with a clients existing fleet, either on-site, or by transporting a select set of vehicles to one of our branches. Each situation requires a unique analysis of the situation to maximize the goal---driver training and field preparation for any scenario encountered. Our training in these vehicles will result in an operator that can get the fullest out of the vehicle, but also reduce personal damage, vehicular damage and of course environmental damage. What is the value of one less litigation? A proactive approach to vehicle and fleet operation is a must these days.

Equipping Vehicles

Our vehicles are basically stock field vehicles with some additional needed gear. These can be grouped into protection and recovery modifications: a suspension change for different terrain and loads, a set of protective skid plates, and a winch make up an average field utility 4x4 vehicle. Our fleet vehicles have these common modifications. What is often ignored is the equipment inside a vehicle other than stock gear. This gear can be grouped as: emergency, recovery and communication. Our vehicles are outfitted the way we have found works based on 35 years in the field. The right recovery equipment is often inadvertently overlooked. What is the value of a winch if the operator needs to use a dangerous local rope or ask for aid to self-recover? We have a set of equipment that can be moved to any vehicle in the world and give the operator all the safe and secure gear needed under all conditions; this gear bag is a must along with Hilift Jack, First Aid, communications, etc. for any true field ready work vehicle.

Vehicle Equipment the OEX way

Having the correct vehicles is only half the battle. Decades of experience in the field has led to OEX perfecting the art of vehicle outfitting. Once you train with the proper equipment, it is imperative that you have access to it in the field. OEX can either provide equipment directly or provide consulting depending on the situation. From U.S. special forces to local utility companies, OEX consistently provides the necessary gear for any application. Because of our continued success in the industry, our sponsors can get us this equipment at a drastically reduced cost, which we in turn can then pass on to you. The bottom line is that we know what works. Where you get your gear isn’t important to us, but that you have the right stuff always will be.