Recently many organizations have turned to ATVs in order to get to the most difficult locations. ATVs are extremely versatile, but they are also extremely dangerous. The size, weight, and exposing nature of these machines can often lead to disastrous consequences if used improperly. Advanced training with OEX will limit these accidents while also providing a baseline for maintenance and field repair. This combination will guarantee a more productive, efficient, and safe operator while at the same time limiting the abuse on the equipment.

ATV Schedule

Overland Experts trains on location or at one of our purpose built schools in Connecticut or Virginia. Usually it is best to do an initial training at one of our locations followed by on site training once a custom curriculum has been developed based on your needs. You can reserve training by emailing

ATV training costs

When dealing with professional groups these are the factors that determine cost.

  • Group size
  • Number of days
  • ATVs – ours or yours
  • Instructor to student ratio
  • Location of training – on site or at one of our schools.

All costs include the full use of our extensive vehicle fleet. To get an accurate quote please contact us at (860) 873-9640 or via email