4x4 Training

Driver Training

Utility companies, NGOs, aid organizations and other groups who need to drive in extreme conditions have turned to Overland Experts. When the going gets rough we can ensure your success as well as your personal safety. The payoff is reduced accidents, injuries, vehicle damage, and insurance rates.

Our curriculum is based on years of experience operating in remote corners of the world. We present this material in a linear and methodical manner in order to allow students to progress at the fastest rate. You will learn to think like an off road vehicle. Knowing the capabilities and limits of your vehicle, the stuff that isn't in the instruction manual, means you can concentrate on your job rather than your driving.

Our current clients include Northeast Utilities, The American Red Cross, National Geographic as well as the most demanding military special forces. The curriculum will be tailored to suit the vehicle types and situations you encounter. Usually an initial consulting session can determine the most effective curriculum for your group.

Fleet Support

4x4 fleet management, acquisition, modification and maintenance management is best done by people who really understand the vehicles. Our experience in the field can support your development of an effective fleet. Our work with outfitters such as Ford, Land Rover and Toyota ensures an unbiased approach in vehicle acquisition. We will save you time and money while providing you with the most long lasting, safe, properly equipped and solid vehicle fleet available.


The objective of this training is to create a team that will reliably operate 4x4 vehicles with impunity, reliability, and safety. This skill set will be carried out habitually in all possible environmental conditions.

The training will create a thinking, intelligent, independent, and adaptable individual able to move through any terrain encountered.

OEX prides itself in concentrating on consistency of our message and training methodology. No matter which one of our branches you go to, the message will remain the same - linear progress, method, repetition, practice and an awareness of peoples' differing learning styles. It is this consistency of our curriculum, our trainers, our courses, and our vehicles that allows for a rapid learning process that cements the learned skill set into a person's long-term memory. We are also intent on keeping up with the changes in current technology and we are constantly looking for ways to bring in novel techniques or equipment. Attention to these details keeps people coming back to us for more advanced training, to travel with us, or to use our skills on related projects.

To request more information about our curriculum please contact us at erik@overlandexperts.com.

Schedule training

Overland Experts trains on location or at one of our purpose built schools in Connecticut or Virginia. Usually it is best to do an initial training at one of our locations followed by on site training once a custom curriculum has been developed based on your needs. You can reserve training by emailing erik@overlandexperts.com


When dealing with professional groups these are the factors that determine cost

  • Group size
  • Number of days
  • Vehicles – ours or yours
  • Instructor to student ratio
  • Location of training – on site or at one of our schools.

All costs include the full use of our extensive vehicle fleet. To get an accurate quote please contact us at (860) 873-9640 or via email erik@overlandexperts.com

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