OEX Team

Bruce Elfstrom

Founder and CEO

Biologist and founder Bruce Elfstrom heads Overland Experts. Bruce has navigated and taught his way from the Middle East to Southeast Asia at the wheel of a sometimes weathered but always upright 4WD vehicle. Bruce’s extensive 4WD instruction experience includes fieldwork in five continents, and hands-on teaching throughout the US. Over 30 years experience training Navy Seals through relief agencies and "wheeling enthusiasts", Bruce has gathered the best trainers and developed the best 4x4 company for your mobility needs and wants.

Erik Eisensmith

Director of Training

Erik is a Graduate of Wheaton College, Norton, MA. He comes to OEX with a broad background in vehicles and training. He has many years of high speed, track experience with organizations such as Skip Barber, SCCA and EMRA. With a background in mechanical design and engineering, he owns and operates a prototype fabrication company specializing in industrial and automotive applications. His extensive world travel includes vehicle based expeditions in Asia and Africa. He has a successful sailing career in both inshore racing and offshore, blue water deliveries, as well as collegiate level coaching. He is a private pilot and spent time as an aeronautics course instructor. His experience with OEX began in 2010. As a driving instructor, his training has included Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs. He has extensive knowledge in vehicle systems, design and preparedness.


Michael Morrison

Director - Recreational Training & Events

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Tony Cerruto

Director - Military Training

During his 26 years of Active Duty service in the US Army Special Operations, Tony Cerruto has operated a variety of civilian and tactical off-road vehicles all over the world. Tony has developed a passion for off-road driving during his time with the military as well as his recreational adventures. He is often looking to discover what lies around the next bend.

Throughout his carreer, Tony's vehicle experience includes dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, Humvees and Land Rovers to name a few vehicles. Tony has served as lead trainer for the 3rd Special Forces Group, Combat Mobility Training Committee. He has instructed hundreds of fellow Green Berets in off-road survivability an sustainment. Tony is a qualified I4WDTA traininer and a frequent guest instructor with Uwharrie Off Road Training Center in El Dorado, North Carolina.

Ted Dinwiddie

Ted Dinwiddie


Ted is a graduate of Randolph-Macon College in Virginia. He has had life-long love of the outdoors and has spent more than twenty years as a professional in the outdoor industry as an instructor and salesman. His experience with off-road travel was born of necessity. Getting into the backcountry, to hike, ski, ride a mountain bike, or to just be away from civilization, always required a good four-wheel-drive vehicle. Ted has driven in the sand of coastal North Carolina, the snow of Colorado and New England, the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia, the steep terrain of Montana, and the desert of western California in a variety of vehicles. As an off-road driving instructor, Ted has worked with an array of students and vehicle platforms, both military and civilian. At OEX, Ted's outdoor experience and love of teaching are an ideal fit.

Ron Parrish


Ron brings 30 years of driver training experience to OEX. As a National Park LE Ranger/Instructor, he taught off road vehicle operation across the US. As a Senior LE Driving Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA., he trained private, military and government drivers in the operation of task specific vehicles. Ron won the AMVETS-Dodge National Safe Driving Competition in 1973, and began training others shortly thereafter. His training experience includes educating operators in a variety of specialty vehicles, including 4x4s, wildland and structural fire apparatus, motorcycles, ATVs, heavy trucks, transport equipment, boats, buses, simulators, and patrol vehicles.

Scott Fields


Scott brings over 45 years of off-road driving experience and 28 years of providing training to OEX. Starting with dirt bikes in 1971, then 1981 full size 4WDs, and ATVs since 1987. He has an extensive history of multiple OHV platforms in varying off-road environments across two continents. Throughout his tenure in the off-road industry he has gained numerous certifications including Master Tread Trainer through Tread lightly!, Certified 4wd Trainer through the International 4 Wheel Drive Trainers Association, Certified ATV Instructor through the ATV Safety Institute, Certified Side by Side/UTV instructor through the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association and two Land Rover Driving Certifications. While gaining experience and knowledge he also helped form the Badin Lake OHV Trail System and recreation area at Uwharrie. Scott, over a 20 year period through relations with the US Forest Service and local OHV Clubs, was instrumental in building and maintaining the OHV Trails at Uwharrie. In recent years Scott has continued his tenure within the OHV field through various training positions in the local Uwharrie National Forest area.


Don Gerlach


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