OEX Staff

All staff trainers have had at least a 2 year apprenticeship with Bruce before they can train. Because a large proportion of our clients are special organizations, our trainers are well versed in group dynamics and large group teaching. This apprenticeship helps them solidify the mastery of the OEX curricula and standards. In addition, it forces a blending of their already substantial skills sets with the OEX style.

Teaching anything requires a teacher; a person with the ability to present his or her subject to a variety of people through an infinite number of ways. OEX prides itself in having a staff of teachers that are expert off road drivers and also experts in their own fields.

OEX trainers have all had extensive experience as lead trainers of large groups… Utility Companies, Relief Agencies, Special Operation Forces… Our trainers are not just there to sit in a seat and give the illusion of staff presence, but instead are all capable of presenting, implementing, and finalizing the absorption of the OEX curriculum.

It’s the curriculum, the staff, the purpose designed and natural terrains of our locations, and our unmatched vehicle fleet which puts OEX off road and 4x4 driving schools above all others.

Meet our Trainers HERE