Currently OEX has branches in Connecticut and Virginia. Our Connecticut (2000 acres) and Virginia (8600 acres) locations both have portions with purpose built courses.

Our courses can be thought of as physical text books, i.e. one hill has 6 roads with differing terrain just like a book has chapters. Being able to loop back over and over, and work on specific techniques, allows for skill mastery. It is this ability to progress linearly and methodically in a controlled manner which provides such a steep learning curve.

Your team can attend our training sessions by visiting one of our locations; our Connecticut branch is 45 minutes from a major international airport and 2 hours from either Boston or New York. Our Virginia location is located less than 1 hour from Dulles airport and Washington DC, which makes it ideal for locations headquartered near our nation's capital.

We also offer on site training anywhere in the world. It is common to have a first training at one of our locations then a follow up for greater numbers at a location of your choosing.