Fleet maintenance and staff logistical training

Once acquired, modified, and equipped, maintaining your fleet is the next key requirement. At OEX, we don’t just teach you how to drive, we teach you how to maintain and repair. A one day course in general maintenance and expedient field repair will ensure your staff know what to do to keep the vehicles running and how to fix them when they aren't. The true cost of a down vehicle goes way beyond the cost of the repairs. Employee downtime and reduced effectiveness means the true cost is much higher. By training with OEX your team will have the skills to keep the vehicles moving and the job underway.

Finally, your staff can be trained on the logistics of mobility under substandard conditions. Convoy rules, effective communication, route planning and vehicle order are a important part of operating in unfamiliar environments. Work with OEX to develop a curriculum that can be implemented throughout your entire team to make sure that when the going gets rough a protocol has already been established.