YES!!! We have taken delivery of the newest generation Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser 150. We will now have the last three generations of Hilux (10 trucks all together) represented at each of our three branches. These will also be part of the Mobile Training Team.

The OEX outfitting philosophy. When we outfit a vehicle it is for three reasons. First to add protection for work in the field for a very long time, second to increase the vehicles capabilities slightly without affecting its positive core design attributes, and last to make a good teaching tool.

We do not need to make the trucks more capable, but instead make them able to take 100s of hours of off road use. Over the last 20 years we no not to make trucks more and more capable with the additions of components. If you do this, it becomes an arms race; weak links begin to show up, causing you to make that component better than it was, leading to the next weak point and so on. As a matter of fact, we fit all terrain tires (vs. very capable off road dedicated designs) to save drive line abuse, aka a 38 inch tire aired down to 2 pounds on dry rock will result in massive grip that transmits to the entire driveline - result is broken axles, universal joints, third members, etc. Add to this the simple fact that a vehicle outfitted to extreme off roading is usually more capable than the driver; less experienced drivers in well outfitted vehicle do serious damage and mistakes while driving. Most importantly is the simple fact that we teach people to drive off road very very well, if we have an overly outfitted vehicle, we must really push the envelope to extreme driving to teach the student — in other words the "toys" shadow or cover up learning. The mantra is make sure you can drive better than your vehicle!

Hilux list of things we are doing, we feel this is the best basic vehicle to do just about any off road work and last for years and years:

  • 60 inch Hilift jack — our go to since the beginning.
  • Old Man Emu heavy duty 2 inch suspension. We have used ARB and Old Man Emu since 1999 with nothing but good to say.
  • ARB front and rear bumpers — again, ARB is our go to, especially for New England weather, their powder coating is very stable so rust is not as much an issue
  • Safari Snorkel
  • BFG AT tires — BFG has also been out go to tire since 1998
  • ARB roof rack for cab
  • ARB bed cap for a few of the Hilux
  • Superwinch Talon 9.5 SR - Superwinch has been at our side from the start.
  • Masterpull XD winch line — XD is just unbeatable, strong, has grip for gloved hands (most synthetic is so slippery it is not nice to work with). Masterpull has been our go to since 1998 as well.
  • Weathertech floor mats — our floor mats take a massive beating, there hold up well and keep water off carpets better than others.
  • Rigid Industries Off Road LED Lighting — comes from marine industries and Bruce Elfstrom has extensive experience in marine applications — best choice and LED to keep power draw down and long life
  • Rock sliders will be designed and fabricated by OEX — we will keep you in loop on this.
  • Full kit of recovery gear (click here please link to the recovery doc)
  • Pullpal ground anchor — again we have worked with them for over 15 years now.
  • Oasis air down tabs — failing to air down cost the environment and your wallet. Air down early or pay for it later.
  • Jackmate — great options with the Hilift Jack
  • Canvas seat covers — we get ours made in Kenya, or at local canvas shops of Sumbrella material.
  • Sand ladders and bridging ladders
  • Pertinent tool kit and pertinent spare parts — this very much depends of the vehicle and your skill in the field.
  • Breather line extensions for differentials, and transmission/transfer case.
  • Some of these Hilux will be outfitted with Premier Power Welders.
  • On board air compressor, or portable one. Make sure it is tough. We need fast ones designed for long term use - we use Extreme Outback’s ExtremeAire Magnum Portable Compressors

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